Engine and firewall forward

This part of the project is without a doubt the part that caused us the most headache. From we started out and until where we are today, several engine options have been considered, decided on and then changed again.
Initially we had our project set up for the AeroWee engine. Based on our own evaluation of the consept, we decided to look for a different engine. 
We really liked the UL Power engine, and wanted one for our self. However, at that point, there was no engine mount availabe, and after a failed effort to have one made, the idea was abandoned. 
We eventually decided to buy the Camit Aero Eengine, ordered that, and bought a Jab3300 engine mount. We all know how that ended, and we were back to square one.
Then, to our delight, a vendor came fourth a offered an engine mount for the UL Power engine. After that, things started to move, and before we knew it, we had the mount installed and the engine on its way.
When you start off with something that has not been done before, be prepared to put alot of time and effort into it. 
The entire endevour caused us a lot of grief, and delayed the project for at least one year, if not more. 
Now that we have this thing behind us, there is no doubt that the result was worth waiting for. Below are pictures from the FWF project. That's basically everything under the cowling.

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11.01 | 13:35

Hej igen,
Kan du Kontakta mig på Mailen?
Blue Skies!

30.10 | 09:29

Hej Rune og tack for raskt svar!
Låter gott med er framfart og jag hoppas att under nästkommande år få sålt min Murphy Rebel 1650 så att Sonexorojektet får lite ekonomiskt bränsle.. ;)
Håper å få återkomma med litt spörsmål framöver om ok?
All the Best

30.10 | 09:02

Hei Ivan, det går fremover med prosjektet. Vi har hatt tre oppstarter med motoren og etter mye plunder med elektrisk og kjøling fungerer det nå bra.

29.10 | 21:27

Hello Folkens,
Hur går det med bygget?
Tror jag följer ert exempel för min Sonex och avstår från D-motorn....
Blue Skies!