Instruments, electrical and avionics

MGL 7" Discovery Lite. Marvelous compact product with everything inside. Hooks up to RDAC's (collects engine data) by CAN bus. Will take senter stage on our panel.

Rear side of the IEFIS Lite. Do read the manual, but almost everything you need to know is printed on the back side.

We love everything electronic, but there is always room in the panel for a 2 1/4" analog airspeed gauge. This one is an old gauge that we shipped back to UMA instruments for refurbishment. Came back looking brand new. Great people at UMA!

MGL V6 VHF Transiever. 250 grams and 6 Watts. Unbeatable. Fits a 2 1/4" hole. Can be used standalone or hooked up to the IEFIS. 8.33Hz channel separation as per European requirements

TRIG21 transponder. Remotely mounted, only a small controller head in the panel.

GT50 from Flight Data systems for G-meter, voltage reading, clock and OAT. Allows for accurate G reading in the tilted Sonex panel

To comply with the minimum equipment list. May prove useful one day

Anti collision and wing tip strobe/nav lights from AvioLights.

This is the BlueSea system ST Blade Fuse Block - 12 Circuits with Negative Bus and Cover. Basically a small electrical system all by itself. Total capacity is more than sufficient, and number of circuits as well. Will be mounted R/H side of footwell.

Another BlueSea system component.This is the ST Blade Compact Fuse Blocks - 4 Circuits. Will be used in the engine compartment to power dual relay circuits for the fuel pumps and possibly a couple of other things

BlueSea single bus bar. Will serve as common ground bus, one inside fuselage and one in the engine compartment

DIY battery box to house the Odyssey PC680

Removable from plate for access to battery. We also saved som firewall space by installing the master relay on the battery box. Simplifies wiring as well

Open box

MGL RDAC XF fitted on upper right firewall. Will receive EGT/CHT and fuel tank level. Other engine parameters will come through ECU CAN bus interface to iEFIS

Coils. Fitted in different orientation, one on each side of center firewall. This is due to wire loom routing

This little gadget from MGL allows the UL Power ECU display engine data on the iEFIS screen through CAN bus network

Bench testing the iEFIS display

As built dwg of the battery and charge circuit. To be finished off in some drawing sw

Assembly of the instrument panel is complete. Wiring remains.....

Left side switch panel. Laser engraved and cut to fit

Right side switch panel. Laser engraved and cut to fit

Startup screen on the MGL iEFIS.

Avionics and electrical bay. Sandwiched between fual tank and instrument panel. Crowded but functional

The legacy Sonex does not have alot of panel real estate, so we need to go for a compact solution. Panel space is one concern, the other is that we really wanted the possibility to monitor engine parameters. For this purpose there are alot of solutions out there, but EFIS and EMS tends to leave you outside your budget. The MGL line of products however, are favourable in price and excellent in quality. Also worth mentioning, the coustomer service from MGL Avionics, is nothing less than outstanding. Great people that stands behind their products.

For our electrical and wiring we have used mostly MIL SPEC wiring and hardware, and a few other bits that fits our bill as fas as quality goes. A good example of this are the fusebox and terminals from BlueSea systems that we have onboard (pictures of those below).

Lights and stobes from Avio Lights. Great solid state LED components at a favourable price.  

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